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The DDA partners with the Town of Castle Rock to provide rentable flower boxes located outside businesses in Downtown. Flower boxes enhance Downtown’s charm and provide a consistent and beautiful splash of color to the Downtown streets. View the Fact Sheet for more information on the DDA Flower Box Program.

Flower Box Program Fact Sheet

Flower Box Sign-up Registration – Please contact to register

picture of horse drawn carriage in festival Park

2023 Carriage Rides

2023 Downtown Castle Rock Carriage Rides

A Castle Rock Holiday Tradition, the Downtown Castle Rock Carriage Rides will be back for the 2023 Holiday Season. Carriage Rides will be offered each week, Weds. - Fri. (4:30-8:30pm) and Sat. - Sun. (5:00-8:00pm) from 11/24/2023 to 12/30/2023 (excluding 12/24).

Tickets must be reserved in advance.

By popular demand, we continue to add as many carriage rides as possible. For 2023, we have added over 200 additional rides to this season’s schedule, and we are selling tickets both in person and online based on your feedback.


How & When to Reserve a Carriage Ride

In Person Ticket Sales

We will be selling 75 Carriage Rides in person Wednesday, November 8, 2023 from 4:30-6:00pm in Downtown Castle Rock (Philip S. Miller Library, Event Hall A). PARKING: Please park at the Castle Rock Library Parking Lot at 100 S. Wilcox Street, Castle Rock, CO.  Please note, in person sales are first come first served, and we ask you for your patience and understanding.

Online Ticket Sales

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to buy tickets in person, we will still have the majority of tickets available for sale online. We will post the link for online sales at 12:00pm on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Please visit our Facebook or Instagram pages for the ticket sales link:


Online sales are not allowed until 12:00pm on November 14th. We will not take any reservations via email, phone or social messages.  

We are happy to hear that you are excited about coming to Downtown Castle Rock for a carriage ride and ask for your understanding and courtesy that not everyone that wants a carriage ride will have one available.


We're looking forward to another great holiday season in Downtown Castle Rock!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do carriage rides start?

Carriage rides start in Festival Park by the big tree, please arrive a few minutes before your time.

How many people fit into the carriage for one ride?

The carriage can fit 4 adults or sometimes 5 with kids, based on weight.

How long is the ride?

The ride takes about 10 minutes, it goes around the core of Downtown Castle Rock where lights are on display.

Are the horses well taken care of?

The owners of Kodiak Ranch care greatly for their horses.  These are loved and cared for animals that truly enjoy doing what they do.  Rides are kept short and carriage weight is kept to an appropriate weight for the horses in service.

How many tickets can I buy?

One (1) ticket can be purchased per person.  One (1) ticket reserves the entire carriage for 1 ride with 4 adults (sometimes 5 with kids based on weight).

How much does a ticket cost?

Ticket price is $40 for the entire carriage for 1 ride with 4 adults (sometimes 5 with kids based on weight).

How can I pay for my tickets?

Online sales and the limited in person sales will be for sale by credit card only.  All major credit cards will be accepted.

What is done with the revenue from carriage ride ticket sales?

The Downtown Alliance has made a decision to keep the cost of a carriage ride below market rate so that it is accessible to more people. Because of this, 100% of ticket sales do not cover the cost of providing this attraction. In addition, we have been fortunate to receive sponsorship from some great community partners, like Castle Rock Autoplex, to help cover the cost.  All in all, ticket sales and sponsorship sales cover about half of the cost of providing carriage rides in Downtown Castle Rock, and the remainder is made up by the Castle Rock Downtown Alliance.

What can I do to increase my chances of getting a ticket?

The best way to get a ticket in person will be to arrive early for in person sales.  For online sales, the best way to receive a ticket is to be waiting online on a computer connected to a high speed internet connection when online sales go live.

How many rides are available in the 2023 season?

There are over 560 rides available this season an increase of roughly 200 rides.  This exciting holiday event has grown a little each year.  This event began several years ago by offering carriage rides, with 1 carriage on 1 night a week.  Based on your feedback, now 2 carriages at a time provide rides 5 nights a week (an additional night per week over last year).


Understanding that horse drawn carriages tend to slow traffic a little, a balanced approach with regard to traffic and number of rides has been taken.  With positive feedback favoring more rides, opportunities to increase the number of rides will be pursued.

We are so GRATEFUL for your interest in visiting Downtown Castle Rock during the holidays and we recognize that even if carriage rides were offered every night of the week, it is unlikely that a ride would be available for every person that wants one.  Your visits support the many wonderful and creative small business owners that call Downtown Castle Rock home.  Happy Holidays!

2023 Carriage Ride Title Sponsor

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