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The DDA partners with the Town of Castle Rock to provide rentable flower boxes located outside businesses in Downtown. Flower boxes enhance Downtown’s charm and provide a consistent and beautiful splash of color to the Downtown streets. View the Fact Sheet for more information on the DDA Flower Box Program.

Flower Box Program Fact Sheet

Flower Box Sign-up Registration – Please contact to register



Perry Street Crosswalk

The Mid Block Crosswalks project was done to increase pedestrian activity and add character to the streets of Downtown. This project was a partnership between the DDA and Town of Castle Rock, based on recommendation done by Walkable Communities Inc. 


Festival Park-09.jpg

The Downtown Merchants Associations produces a variety of events throughout Downtown to bring energy and activity in to the Castle Rock Community. 



Festival Park welcomes people to the Downtown Core and provides a vibrant space for community events. In 2015, the Town and DDA began a public process to engage the community for ideas to enhance and expand Festival Park. After approval, construction began on February 24, 2017 and was completed on November 17, 2018. The park is a vibrant urban center with amenities such as a landing pavilion, splash pad, fire-pit, open lawn and more.

Photo Credits to Brandon Huttenlocher / Design Workshop, Inc.



There is a concentration of wedding related venues and businesses in the Castle Rock and the surrounding area. If you are getting married, we invite you to spend a day in Downtown Castle Rock. We are a one stop shop to plan your meal, pick out flowers, order your cake or visit the spa. 



In 2010, the DDA and Town of Castle Rock invested in the Downtown Core by installing Lights Over Wilcox on the 300 block of Wilcox. This beautification project creates a lively and well lit environment in the Downtown Core. Several businesses helped make this project possible including Brinkmann, Castle Rock Bank, The Fort CPAs, For Rent by Owner and Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA).



The downtown parking garage at Third Street and Jerry Street was built by Douglas County and the Town of Castle Rock to improve downtown parking. There are 79 spaces on the main level available for public parking every day. The entire garage is made available to the public for free on weekends and for special events.



Artist, Daniel Levinson, completed a mural at 340 Third Street in January 2020, honoring Castle Rock philanthropist, Philip S. Miller. The mural is a collaborative project between the Downtown Development Authority and Castle Rock Artist Cooperative. Philip S. Miller owned several businesses in Castle Rock in the early 1900’s before serving on the Castle Rock Board of Trustees and later creating his legacy in the Town, dispersing charitable donations from the Miller Trust. The mural by Levinson is the second in Downtown, joining Castle Rock Bike & Ski’s art on 4th and Perry Street.



In 2011, the DDA organized and funded a design competition to show the potential for Downtown. Some inspiring designs for buildings in Downtown were submitted. The goal of the downtown design competition was to analyze and better understand the potential for redevelopment in Downtown.



The Festival Park tree stump carving was commissioned by the DDA in partnership with the Castle Rock Artist Cooperative and the Town of Castle Rock Parks and Recreation Department. Craftsman and community member, William Lafleur, completed the piece in January 2020. The carving is located on the North side of the pedestrian bridge between Town Hall and Festival Park and adds to creative placemaking efforts to help promote a sense of identity to the Park and Downtown.


The DDA has several tools available, including tax increment financing, that can help positive and productive development take place in Downtown Castle Rock. Our goal is to help create the infrastructure, buildings and landscape to facilitate a mix of uses that lead to a healthy and vibrant Downtown economy. 



Riverwalk is a residential redevelopment of two blocks of Downtown Castle Rock. Book-ending both sides of Sellars Gulch along Wilcox Street, Riverwalk will activate the this area of Downtown during the daytime, evening and weekends.  Riverwalk will also help revitalize Downtown Castle Rock by abutting the DDA and Town’s investment in Festival Park. With the two new proposed developments just north of these two sites, Riverwalk will help redefine the heart of Downtown Castle Rock.



This 50,000 square foot technology oriented office building at 6th Street and Jerry Street creates a micro industry of tech companies working in a collaborative space.



_FINAL 210326_Materials Board Update.jpg

The View is a mixed redevelopment project of a current storage unit site in Downtown Castle Rock. The project proposes 221 for rent apartment units, 14,500 SF of office space and 5,000 SF of retail space. There will be 432 total new parking spaces, 133 of those spaces will be owned by the Town. Amenities for the project include a clubhouse, pool and terrace space. 



This 28,800 square foot mixed use project located at 230 Third Street provides retail, restaurant, and office space in Downtown Castle Rock. The Mercantile Commons offered the first new residential space in Downtown Castle Rock in many years. This building provides the opportunity to live/work within walking distance of the retail and dining options in Downtown.


Exhibit 1 - Final Renderings 1-5_Page_4.

Encore is a $72,000,000 mixed use redevelopment project by Confluence Companies located in Downtown Castle Rock. The project proposes 124 for-sale residential condos, 30,000 SF for commercial space on the first floor including retail and office space. The project will further help revitalize Downtown Castle Rock by neighboring the investment in Festival Park. This project will have 600 parking spaces within the parking garage, 300 of these spaces will be public parking. The project also proposes a public dog park, civic plaza and to pay for a Downtown train horn quiet zone.

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