During these unprecedented times of uncertainty amid the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, the Castle Rock Downtown Alliance and EDC are working hard to help where we can and be a resource to Castle Rock businesses. 


Here are several links related to local alerts and business assistance:



Are you a Downtown Business that is offering a curbside pick up program? We will be doing boosted social media posts to remind the Castle Rock community of the many great options for curbside pickup of food, beer, and coffee.

Curbside Pickup Parking Space: 

We met with Town Leadership and have a process in place to quickly approve the temporary use of a Town public parking space for the use of customers parking for curbside pickup.

  • Apply for a curbside pickup parking space here.​​

Downtown Businesses Offering Curbside Pickup:

2020 Downtown Summer Events

The Castle Rock Downtown Merchants Association is working hard to ensure that the health and wellness of our community is a priority. Follow us on Facebook at @DowntownCastleRock to learn more about modified events, event updates and the #CelebrateCastleRock marketing campaign.

Local Information During COVID-19

Douglas County:

Town of Castle Rock:

Castle Rock Business Assistance Programs:

There are several local business assistance options being offered in partnership with the Town of Castle Rock, Castle Rock EDC, Castle Rock Downtown Alliance and Chamber of Commerce, to assist businesses impacted by COVID-19:

  • KIVA Loan Program in partnership with Colorado Lending Source (CLS)

    • KIVA is a non-profit, crowd sourcing, micro-lending platform.

    • The Castle Rock Economic Development Fund will fund up to $4,000 towards KIVA Loan campaigns for Castle Rock based business.

    • Apply here:

    • KIVA/CLS will notify the Castle Rock EDC when a Castle Rock businesses applies, but please let us know that you are applying so that we can support you.


  • Town of Castle Rock Water – Small Business Assistance Program

    • The program provides qualifying small businesses impacted by COVID-19 with a combination of a loan of $750 for 12 months at no interest (applied and repaid on water account) and a credit of $750 that does not need to be repaid to Castle Rock Water.



  • Castle Rock EDC Small Business Loan Program

    • This small business loan program is being made available in partnership with the Town of Castle Rock, Castle Rock EDC and Colorado Lending Source. 

    • This program will provide loans of up to $25,000 at 0% interest to be repaid over 3 years. 

    • The Town of Castle Rock has funded a loan loss reserve fund, and we are in discussion with banking partners to be able to offer this program in the next few months.

    • Stay tuned for more information to be posted at

Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce Town-wide COVID-19 Business Support Page:

Douglas County Banks:

  • The banking community is encouraging you to reach out to your lender.  Many banks are working with their borrowers impacted by COVID-19 to offer deferment options.

Federal and State Financial Assistance for Businesses

In addition to our local partnerships, the Castle Rock Downtown Alliance and EDC are working with our partners at the Federal and State Level to filter through information related to financial resources that can be made available to assist Castle Rock Businesses.


White House – Opening America

Small Business Administration

  • Coronavirus Relief Options -

    • Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (EIDL) ​​

      • UPDATE: SBA is not accepting new application based on available funding.

      • ​3.75% Disaster Loans for areas in the US that have a disaster (Colorado has declared a state of emergency and qualifies).  Loans can be amortized over 30 years.

    • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

      • UPDATE: SBA is not accepting new application based on available funding.​

      • Eligible recipients may qualify for a forgivable loan.  Amount is determined by 8 weeks of prior average payroll plus an additional 25% of that amount.

      • The loan will be fully forgiven if the funds are used for the first 8 weeks of payroll costs, interest on mortgages, rent, and utilities. Loan payments will also be deferred for six months. No collateral or personal guarantees are required. Neither the government nor lenders will charge small businesses any fees.

      • Application is done through your local bank.

      • Call your bank now to begin the process for potential new rounds of funding that will open this program back up.  Funds are first come first served.

    • SBA Express Bridge Loans (for existing SBA Loan Customers)

    • SBA Debt Relief (for existing SBA Loan Customers)​


Governor Polis' Guidance

The Next Phase—Safer at Home: Once the Stay at Home order is lifted at the end of the month, businesses will be allowed to reopen and people should still limit going out of their homes. At risk populations including older Coloradans, pregnant women and those with pre-existing conditions are encouraged to treat May as they did April and stay at home, with no outside contact. Nursing homes will remain under strict orders. Coloradans will need to keep social interactions down 65% for several months.  During the stay at home order, social interactions have been down around 75-80%.    

  • Retailers will be able to open May 1 as long as they follow strict social distancing policies, and safety measures   

  • Offices can open May 4 at 50% capacity with strict safety precautions and checking temperatures

    • Telecommuting is highly encouraged and expected to be maximized

    • Companies that need to have employees physically present will need to consider multiple shifts and other ways to limit contact among employees

  • K-12, and higher education institutions will remain closed in the next phase

  • Personal services like hair cutting salons will be able to open as long as they follow social distancing guidelines and wear masks

  • There will be a process for local governments to modify standards based on local conditions.

  • Goal of May 15 for phased in opening of restaurants

    • No parameters have been developed for how restaurants will open and follow social distancing.​​

  • 4/22/2020 Gov. Polis Presentation

  • 4/22/2020 Gov. Polis Two-Pager

  • 4/22/2020 Denver Post Article on Press Conference

State CO Dept. of Labor and Employment – Alternatives to Laying Off Employees (work-share) 


State Small Business Development Center (SBDC)


State Order to Allow Alcohol Sales by Restaurants with To-go food Orders


State COVID Relief Fund

  • The Colorado COVID Relief Fund's purpose is to raise and coordinate allocation of funds based on prevention, impact and recovery needs of community-based organization. If interested in learning more about the grant process that has now begin, you can apply and learn more using link below. 



State Office of Economic Development and International Trade: 

Do you have questions on what status your county is in, or if your business is meeting requirements? Reach out to Technical Assistance at 720-713-6030 or

Do you have complaints about businesses trigger a follow up to a business to make sure they are informed. Outreach is based on education. It is not punitive except as last resort. Reach out to303-220-9200 or

Visit to see the support page for questions about difficult situations. 


State public health orders


TCHD's public health orders




Dial interactive map:

The Dial Process replaces most variances, for Douglas County we will continue with the variance for Park Meadows mall.


Fact sheet with capacity chart


Information on Critical vs. Non-Critical




See top of this page:

Mental Health

Feelings of stress and anxiety during times of economic uncertainty can be overwhelming, especially for small business owners. Don't forget to take care of yourself. 


Two Great Resources from US Federal Government:

Two Great Resources from the State of Colorado: