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History of the Rink at the Rock


This was the wise sentiment of Gertrude A. Ehmann-Mikelson who lived at the current site of the Rink at the Rock. Gertrude lived in the house from the late 1930s until her death in 1993. Gertrude’s family legacy, dating back to 1878, has played a significant role in the development of Castle Rock. Her father and grandfather helped construct the Old Stone Church and the original Courthouse on the Square.

Gertrude was an active community member and loved by many. She worked as a school teacher, was a loving wife, and mother of three adopted children. Gertrude served on the Selective Service board and helped to develop what is now the Tri-County Health Department.

Gertrude is remembered as a pioneer in Castle Rock. Her son, Dan, expresses that she would have been very proud of the Rink at the Rock and the community impact that it brings forth. History, indeed, never stops…

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