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Downtown Castle Rock Business Highlight: B&B Cafe

Welcome back to the Downtown Castle Rock Business Highlight! Today we are #CelebratingCastleRock by commemorating another business that makes up the Downtown core. This week we will learning more about one of the oldest and most historic restaurants in Downtown, the B&B Cafe!

The B&B Café has been dishing up hearty servings of American eats for the last 55+ years. The restaurant is located at 322 Wilcox Street. The historic B&B café brings their traditional down-home feel with their family friendly environment and outstanding food!

The B&B Café is both a breakfast destination and a local favorite, they are open every day for breakfast and lunch and can not wait to serve you. You can find there hours and menu on their website at Looking for a way to enjoy the summer weather? Stop by the B&B café for breakfast or lunch on their beautiful patio!

You can keep up with everything that B&B Cafe has going on by checking out their social media pages and website! Be in the know by following their Facebook page below:

  • Facebook at @B&BCafe

The Downtown Castle Rock Alliance had the opportunity to sit down with Robert Schoene, the owner of the B&B Cafe. Below are a few of our favorite questions we got to discuss with Robert.

Why did you choose Downtown/what attracted you to owning a business in Castle Rock?

  • My wife and I moved to Castle Rock on July 3rd of 1993. When an opportunity arose to be a part of the downtown area in Castle Rock, we could not pass it up.

Tell us the story/background of your business. How did you end up running a business in your industry?

  • I started out in high school washing dishes and never left the industry, eventually getting a degree in Hospitality Management at the University of Denver.

Favorite thing about owning a small business?

  • Owning a small business allows me to be personally involved with the day to day business as well as shaping the future of the business. Owning a small business allows me to be involved on the micro level as well as the macro level. The two are not exclusive of each other.

Favorite day of the year to own a small business?

  • The best day of the year to own the B&B Café is the anniversary of the first day as an owner. I will never forget the first day owning the restaurant.

What’s the easiest way customers can support your small business right now?

  • The easiest way customers can support our small business right now is purchasing gift cards. Purchasing gift cards today is a great way to support us right now.

You can support B&B right now by swinging by and enjoying a dine in meal, ordering to-go or purchasing gift cards to use for later. Check out their menu on there website Be sure to stop by and #supportlocal.

Help us #CelebrateCastleRock by liking, sharing and supporting #DowntownCastleRock Businesses.

Do you have a favorite business in Downtown Castle Rock? Email and tell us what Castle Rock Business you would like to learn more about for a chance to have them featured on our next blog!

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