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Downtown Castle Rock Business Highlight: Castle Rock Nutrition

Happy Downtown Castle Rock Business Highlight Wednesday! We are excited to continue to #CelebrateCastleRock and learn more about the awesome businesses that make up Downtown. This week we will be learning a little bit more about Castle Rock Nutrition.

Castle Rock Nutrition is getting excited to celebrate their second year of being a part of the Downtown Castle Rock community on January 1st, 2021! They are located at 514 Perry Street.

Castle Rock Nutrition is enthusiastic about serving the Castle Rock community delicious and healthy fast-food options! Each time you visit Castle Rock Nutrition you will receive three things: an Aloe shot, Tea and a Meal Replacement Shake. They believe this provides a great meal option on your way to work or even for a quick lunch break. You will not want to miss out on all their tasty flavors such as strawberry cheesecake, brownie batter and turtle latte!

You can keep up with everything that Castle Rock Nutrition has going on by checking out their social media pages and website! Be the first to know when new items are in stock and deals are happening, by following the pages below:

· Instagram at @castlerocknutrition

· Facebook at @castlerocknutrition

The Castle Rock Downtown Alliance had the opportunity to sit down with Alex Jefferson, an owner of Castle Rock Nutrition. Below are a few of our favorite questions we got to discuss with Alex.

Why did you choose Downtown/what attracted you to owning a business in Castle Rock?

I first visited Castle Rock 3 years ago and it was my first time in Colorado! I stayed with a family friend overnight to go see the Easter sunrise service at Red Rocks Amphitheater. I loved the town as soon as I drove over the hill on I-25 headed south and saw Castle Rock for the first time. It is still my favorite view today! I wanted a business in Downtown because of the community! I grew up in a smaller farming town and have always loved the sense of community in small towns!

Favorite thing about owning a small business?

Not having a boss and having the freedom to exercise my entrepreneurial thoughts and ideas.

Favorite place to visit in Downtown Castle Rock?

Festival Park, especially at Christmas time!

What's something unique that people may not know about you or your business? Each operator behind the counter at CRN is a wellness coach. We help people get whatever health results they're looking for whether they want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just overall live a healthier lifestyle! All of our shakes, teas, and products you see at our shop are easy for customers to get and make at home!

What's the easiest way customers can support your small business right now? An easy way to support us without spending money that is very impactful is by sharing our social media posts and stories! By giving us a shoutout on your own social media, it may bring in 5 new customers! It's amazing what word-of-mouth through social media can do for a small business!

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Do you have a favorite business in Downtown Castle Rock? Email and tell us what Castle Rock Business you would like to learn more about for a chance to have them featured on our next blog!

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