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Downtown Castle Rock Business Highlight: Ecclesia Market

Thank you for joining us for this Downtown Castle Rock Business Highlight and helping us #CelebrateCastleRock. We are excited to learn more about Ecclesia Market this week on the Downtown Castle Rock Blog!

Ecclesia has been a part of the Downtown Castle Rock Community since 2017. Ecclesia Market is located at 221 Perry Street.

Ecclesia Market is an assembly of revelry in the heart of Downtown Castle Rock. Ecclesia is proud to be Douglas County’s first collective of premier artisanal foods, craft cocktails, amusement, and unique entertainment. This market is a celebration of food, libations, and communion in the heart of the community. Do not miss out on their awesome events including live music, pop-up art shows, yoga and mimosas and more. Ecclesia is sure to please any crowd with their variety of vendors, activities, and engaging ambience.

You can keep up with everything that Ecclesia has going on by checking out their social media pages and website listed below:

The Castle Rock Downtown Alliance had the opportunity to sit down with David Schutte, a co-owner of Ecclesia. Here are some of our favorite questions that we got to discuss with him.

Why did you choose Downtown/what attracted you to owning a business in Castle Rock?

  • Because it is the best town in Colorado. We love the Historic Downtown Castle Rock. We live in town and we wanted to build something here we would go to. We wanted to keep it local too, which is why we brought in Local businesses with local business owners such as Sudden Fiction Books, Garlic & Spice Kitchen, Brit Stop Cafe, Fish & Company, Romo’s Street Taco’s, and Sinners & Saints!

Tell us the story/background of your business. How did you end up running a business in your industry?

  • It was by accident really. It was a group of friends who got together and were talking about things that Castle Rock was missing or places we like to go. Then we decided to build it so you can enjoy it too!

Favorite thing about owning a small business?

  • The people who come in. Especially for the first time. The look on their faces does not get old. Or, maybe it’s the next time they come in and bring someone who has never been before and the cycle continues.

What’s something unique that people may not know about you or your business?

  • Some people think the building is haunted. I personally have not experienced this, but I have talked with people who insist they have had terrestrial experiences.

What’s the easiest way customers can support your small business right now?

  • I think its simply to remember you live in a small town and to shop local. All of our vendors have pick-up/carry out options (yup….even The bar), and most the food vendors use the online delivery services. There is nothing wrong with going to the “big box places,” but there is something really unique about our locally owned/operated places downtown. And I don’t limit that to our offerings. We have something very special in this town and you as a consumer can get just as much out of it as we do serving you in your own back yard. Just come see us!

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Do you have a favorite business in Downtown Castle Rock? Email and tell us what Castle Rock Business you would like to learn more about for a chance to have them featured on our next blog!

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