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Downtown Castle Rock Business Highlight: Fish & Company

Thanks for joining us for this Downtown Castle Rock Business Highlight and helping us #CelebrateCastleRock! We are excited to learn more about The Fish & Company this week on the Downtown Castle Rock Business Highlight!

The Fish & Company has been a part of Downtown Castle Rock since November of 2019. The Fish & Company is located in the downstairs of Ecclesia at 221 Perry Street.

From the start, their growing team has been serving an unrivaled interpretation of classic fish and chips, alongside a few other recipes. The owners decided on the name Fish & Company to describe a way to connect through food. Be sure to join them, as they scope the waters for daring new flavors in search of uncharted territories. Their restaurant dining experience brings people together to relax and talk over a meal. Fish & Company also offers to-go orders, delivery and catering options.

You can keep up with everything that Fish & Company has going on by checking out their social media pages and website listed below:

The Downtown Castle Rock Alliance had the opportunity to sit down with Trevor Escalante and Vince Fornara, the owners of Fish & Company. Here are some of our favorite questions that we got to discuss with Trevor and Vince.

Why did you choose Downtown/what attracted you to owning a business in Castle Rock?

  • Trevor has lived in Castle Rock forever and absolutely loves this town. Vince’s hometown in Prescott AZ vibrates the same. They are both beautiful places with small town charm. Both of us feel like we are a part of this town, so we want to see ‘it’ and our business grow.

Tell us the story/background of your business. How did you end up running a business in your industry?

  • We were both ‘want’-repreneurs before starting Fish & Company. Trevor is the expert chef and restaurateur. Vince is highly creative and cannot be told what to do. Castle Rock had a serious need for good (amazing) fish & chips. When looking at the barriers to entry, we realized we had become Castle Rocks first dedicated poké and clam chowder vendor too.

Favorite thing about owning a small business?

  • We feel like inventors. We are able to respect our individual worth and know the price of our time. Doing things our way makes every day better.

Favorite day of the year to own a small business?

  • We love seeing and celebrating every company milestone. It is fun to track our own personal records and goals within our business.

What are the easiest way customers can support your small business right now?

  • You can support our small business right now by trying our food, coming to visit, checking out our website and following us @fishetcompany.

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Do you have a favorite business in Downtown Castle Rock? Email and tell us what Castle Rock Business you would like to learn more about for a chance to have them featured on our next blog!

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