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Downtown Castle Rock Business Highlight: Sinners & Saints

Welcome back to the Downtown Castle Rock Weekly Business Highlight! As a community we are having so much fun #CelebratingCastleRock and all the awesome businesses that make up the Downtown. Today we will be shedding some light on Sinners & Saints.

Sinners & Saints have been a part of Downtown Castle Rock since March of 2019. Sinners & Saints is located in the upstairs of Ecclesia at 221 Perry Street.

Sinners & Saints is located in a former sanctuary of a historic church built in 1938. Playing off of the Ten Commandments, the bar features 10 signature cocktails, both classic and with a twist (the Mexican Chocolate Martini and Elderflower Cranberry Martini are just some examples of the creative changing menu). However, Sinners & Saints is more than just a cocktail spot – offering a large lounge area and coffee and desert bar to compliment the wide array of food options offered from vendors. Whether you are feeling a little angelic or devilish, this Downtown spot has you covered.

You can find events like yoga and live music brought to you by the bar and innovative drinks from partnerships with other vendors in the food hall. During the 2020 first ever Burger Week, the bar partnered with Garlic & Spice Kitchen to provide a “The Burger Mary”, a delicious bloody mary served with a whole slider on top!

You can keep up with everything that Sinners & Saints has going on by checking out their social media pages and website listed below:

The Downtown Castle Rock Alliance had the opportunity to sit down with Dave Schutte, a principle owner of Ecclesia Market and Sinner’s & Saints. Here are some of our favorite questions that we got to discuss with Dave.

Why did you choose Downtown/what attracted you to owning a business in Castle Rock?

The owners are from Castle Rock and we simply love this community. We knew we wanted to do something in the Historic Downtown area, and always knew exactly what we would do with the building at 221 Perry St. if it ever became available. We thought it was a dream, but it came true and we could not be happier!

Tell us the story/background of your business. How did you end up running a business in your industry?

It was almost by accident. We were traveling together through New Orleans when we decided to go into business. We knew we wanted to be in Castle Rock, preferably Downtown. However, at the time, we did not know exactly what we wanted to do. We looked at buildings all over town and let the building kind of tell us what the business would be. We also looked at what Castle Rock did not have yet. We considered lots of different things but were thrilled when we were able to be part of Ecclesia and Sinners & Saints in the Downtown District. We knew this was the place to bring a fine cocktail/lounge experience and to be part of the community.

Favorite thing about owning a small business?

Again, I must go back to community. Small businesses in this town really support each other, work together, and make each other stronger. You do not get that with the bigger “Box” type of businesses. Sure, we are competitive too. But we do not want to see each other fail. What is good for one of us is almost always good for all of us. It is almost a micro community within a community.

What is something unique that people may not know about you or your business?

We think the building is haunted. Not all of us…. But some of us. If you think you’ve seen her, let us know. Those of you that have, will know what I’m talking about.

What’s the easiest way customers can support your small business right now?

Come see us and bring a friend that has never been! Then have them do the same, etc. We love meeting and serving you all. You are why we are here!

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Do you have a favorite business in Downtown Castle Rock? Email and tell us what Castle Rock Business you would like to learn more about for a chance to have them featured on our next blog!

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