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Downtown Design Competition Program

If you are unable to access any portion of these documents due to a disability as defined under Colorado House Bill 21-1110, please call us at 303-688-7488 or email us at so we can help!



The following architects participated in the Competition:

4240 Architecture: Lou Bieker
4240 Proposal

Collaborative Design Group Architecture (CDG): Mark Tremmel, John Olson,  Larry Gilland,  Bill Fisher
CDG Proposal
CDG Renderings

DLH Architecture LLC: Dave Hieronymus
DLH Proposal
DLH Renderings

Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative (OLC):  David Sprague / Norris Design: John Birkey
OLC/Norris Proposal
OLC/Norris Renderings

To see a list of  renderings by building please click on the following 

Link:  Renderings by building

Buildings in the design competition include:



201 Fourth Street
211 Fourth Street
213 Fourth Street
217 Fourth Street
301 Jerry Street
305 Jerry Street
309 Jerry Street
313 Jerry Street
319 Jerry Street
Third street, new mid block building
210 Third Street
221 Wilcox Street
240 Wilcox Street
300 Wilcox Street
302 Wilcox Street
306 Wilcox Street
308 Wilcox Street
310 Wilcox Street
312 Wilcox Street
314 Wilcox Street
316 Wilcox Street
322 Wilcox Street

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